The 10 Best Treadmills For Your Home Gym NZ

When it comes to working out at home, treadmills are a popular choice for many people. They provide a convenient way to get in some cardio exercise without having to leave the house or deal with the weather outside. 

Whether you prefer walking, jogging, or running, treadmills provide a versatile and effective way to get your heart rate up and burn calories. But with countless models on the market, how do you choose the best one for your needs? 

In this blog post, we will guide you through the process of finding your stride by uncovering the best treadmills for your fitness journey. From considering your budget and space limitations to evaluating key features and understanding the latest technological advancements, we will help you make an informed decision and find the perfect treadmill that will keep you motivated and on track toward achieving your fitness goals.

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How to Choose the Best Treadmill for You

Whether you’re a budding runner, a seasoned athlete, or someone looking for a consistent way to stay active indoors, a treadmill can be a worthy investment. However, the market is saturated with options, and making the right choice can be overwhelming. Let’s break down the steps to help you choose the best treadmill tailored to your needs.


Consider Your Space:

Treadmills vary in size. If you have limited space, consider compact or foldable models. Make sure to also account for the required clearance around the machine to ensure safe usage.


Determine Your Purpose:

Are you training for a marathon or looking for gentle daily exercise? Your goal determines the features you’ll need. For serious runners, a robust motor, a longer running surface, and advanced training programs might be essential.


Motorized vs. Manual treadmills:

One fundamental distinction when choosing a treadmill is deciding between a motorised or manual model.

Motorised Treadmills: These are powered by an electric motor, which moves the belt beneath your feet at a set pace. You can adjust the speed and, on many models, the incline, via the treadmill’s control panel.

Manual Treadmills: Without a motor, manual treadmills rely on the user’s movement to drive the belt. The belt moves as you walk or run on it, and the pace is entirely dictated by your speed.

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Running surface:

The treadmill’s running surface, often referred to as the belt gauge or platform gauge, is a vital component. It’s essential to consider various aspects of the tread when making a selection.


Treadmill length and width 

Treadmill platforms typically range from 45 to 60 inches in length. Shorter treadmills are ideal for walkers, while those with longer surfaces are suitable for running. Users with longer strides might favour the more extended platforms.

In terms of width, treadmill platforms vary between 16 to 22 inches. Users with a broader build might opt for a wider platform, whereas those of a slimmer build may be content with a narrower platform, closer to the side rails.

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Motor Power:

The motor’s horsepower (HP) is indicative of the treadmill’s power. For walking or light jogging, 1.5-2.5 HP will suffice. However, if you’re a dedicated runner, aim for 3.0 HP or more.


Belt Thickness:

Some belts come with integrated cushioning to provide enhanced shock absorption during running.


Some other Features and Technology:

Treadmills come equipped with a range of technologies and features. While some are designed to aid you in achieving your fitness objectives, others offer a touch of luxury.


Wireless and App compatibility: 

Contemporary treadmills often support wireless connectivity and apps, enabling you to track your performance through the relevant smartphone application.



If music aids in setting your pace, think about opting for a treadmill with integrated speakers. Some treadmills also come equipped with features like a bottle holder or a cooling fan for added convenience.


The Incline:

Do you prefer running or walking on an incline? It’s essential to decide between a power incline feature or a manual one. The power incline offers the quickest and most straightforward way to adjust your gradient while on the move. Incline workouts are particularly effective for fat burning.



If space is a concern in your home, folding treadmills might be the ideal solution. Their platforms can be folded, making them more convenient to store when not in use.


Preloaded Workouts: 

Some treadmill consoles have preset exercises with specific speeds and inclinations. Preloaded exercises sometimes include virtual scene screens.

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The Best Treadmills NZ


1. Ape Style FX200

Ape Style Theadmills

Ape style FX200 treadmill comes with amazing adjustable modes and speeds. This treadmill has an LED screen display that displays  Time, Speed, Distance, Calories, and Pulse on the screen. It has soft grip handlebars to help you hold it long while exercising and a pulse monitor. 

This is an amazing product when you do not have time for running, walking, and jogging. This machine has in-built 12 programs, 3 modes with MP3 input and speaker. You can keep your phone and Ipad on it as it has a holder.

Other features include – Input power: AC 220–240V(50/60Hz), Motor power: 1.0Hp,  its speed range: 1.0 – 10.0 Km/h. The total weight of this product is approximately 25Kg and the maximum weight this machine can carry is 90 kg. 

This product is available in two colours Black and red. The Accessories this product includes are an MP3 cable and silicone oil and the safety key. 

Pros: It has a Magnetic safety key. This treadmill is easily foldable & has wheels so you can move it anywhere. It is easy to store and very quick and easy to assemble. 

Cons: This machine may stop mid-workout and sometimes needs occasional rebooting just to get the treadmill started. 


2. Ape Style FX300 

Ape Style Treadmills

Ape style FX300 at your home you can do your daily workout. This comes with super adjustable modes and speed.  you can connect Aux USB with it. It is easy and quick to assemble and has 3 levels of manual incline. Input power: AC 220–240V(50/60Hz) Motor power : 1.5Hp  Speed range: 1.0 – 10.0 Km/h . Running surface: 400(W) x 1100(L)mm

This product has awesome features like beverage holders, 12 programs, 3 modes with MP3 input and speaker, magnetic safety key and LED screen display which shows time, Speed, Pulse, Calories, and Distance. 

The approximate weight of this product has 32Kg and a maximum of 90kg user weight. Expanded size: 1430(L) x 540(W) x 1065(H)mm

Pros: This has Soft grip handlebars comfortable to hold  this treadmill is easy to storage

Cons: Not easy to move from one place to another place 


3. Grabstore Treadmill


The Grabstore treadmill is a very lightweight treadmill as compared to conventional fitness treadmills. This diamond stripe treadmill is big and comfortable and also good for your knees while walking on a treadmill. 

It is great for long-term use. This machine has an LED digital display under the desk that shows the distance you covered and the speed of the running belt, walking time, and the calorie consumption you completed on the treadmill. 

This is very simple to operate without worries and very easy to set the speed up to 1-6.0Km/h. The steel construction is made of ABS and Q-235. This portable treadmill has two wheels in the front to move. 

You can store this treadmill after use anywhere safe in your home. This product power is 1HP and has 120KG of capacity.  You do not need any manual hard work to assemble this treadmill, just open the boxes and press the “Start” button to turn it on. 

Pros: Lightweight and it is easy to control. This treadmill is foldable and easy to store. no need to assemble. 

Cons: Max speed only 6km/per hour


4. Active Intent Fitness Motor

Active Intent Treadmill

Now maintain your health with an Active intent Fitness motor treadmill. You can walk daily at your home on the running machine without thinking about the weather. 

This treadmill walking pad is very slim and light.  You can set the speed and time according to your comfort and you are ready for our workout. 

It can easily fit under a bed, table, or sofa. It is a lightweight treadmill as compared to other fitness treadmills. The maximum user weight it can carry is 120 kg. 

This running machine has an LED digital display to keep track of the speed of the running belt and walking time, the calorie, and the distance covered.  The Running belt size is 1300*480*1.6MM. 

This treadmill has a DC motor and its peak power is 1.75HP and its maximum Speed is 1-16km/hour. It also includes a  remote control so you can adjust it according to you. 

This running machine comes with with1 LCD window with 15 programs: P1-P15 and 15% auto incline. 

Pros: Comfortable and easy to operate. 

Cons: This treadmill needs to be assembled and is Heavy. 


5. Pro Runner X40

ProRunner Treadmill

This proRunner X40 treadmill is great for anyone who wants to get their daily exercise. This pro runner has various benefits for you such as being good for toning your lower body muscles, calves, and glutes.

This machine is adjustable and you can adjust it with the handrails and has an adjustable motorized incline that allows you to get the sensation of walking up a slope. This treadmill has a hand pulse rate, monitor.  It has a hydraulic-assisted soft-drop deck that allows you to fold up the treadmill easily. 

The wheels on the front for moving the treadmill easily around your place when needed. The maximum weight it can carry is 100Kg and the mat size is 1210mm x 415mm. 

This treadmill has 12 preset programme display functions and one manual workout programmed display. It has a bottle holder for any drink or water bottle. 

Pros: 5 Years  Warranty on Frame, 3 Years  Warranty on Motor, it has a speed button emergency safety key on this treadmill. 

Cons: Assembly Required, This is a walking treadmill only and not suitable for running on 


6. Ape style FX800

Ape Style Treadmill

Ape style FX800 is a foldable treadmill. It will help you in burning even more calories and keep your body in proper shape. It comes with an adjustable mode and speed which you can change according to your comfort. 

With the help of an AUX & USB connection, you can enjoy your workout listening to music and easy to assemble. This has an LCD screen display to keep an eye on the Time,  your Speed,  the total Distance you have done and the total Calories you burnt, and a Pulse and BMI Measure. 

This treadmill has15 a level automatic incline function, 12 programs, 3 modes with MP3 input and speaker, and 4 high-quality speakers. 

It has soft grip handle bars and large beverage holders. For safety purposes, it has a Magnetic safety key,  Base cover protection, and Built-in 8 points shock-absorbing system. 

Motor power is 2.0Hp, input power is AC 220–240V(50/60Hz), ISpeed range: 0.8 – 16.0Km/h.

This treadmill comes with a double layer running board and has a total Running surface of 460(W) x 1230(L)mm and the maximum Expanded size is 1660(L) x 660(W) x 1320(H)mm. 

The maximum product weight 59Kg  and the Maximum user weight can hold up to  110Kgs. 

Pros: Quick and easy assembly,  it has wheels in front and is designed for mobility and easy storage.  Comes with a Folding bar and lifting handle for easy handling. 

Cons:  Heavy and Bulky


7. Stream Line F6 

StreamLine Treadmill

The Streamline F6 has incredible value for money. Anyone who is looking for a walking spec option should look for a streamlined F6 treadmill. 

This is perfect for weight loss as well as fitness improvement and for a healthy weight and body.  A stylish, user-friendly console will display your speed, time, distance, calories, body fat, and pulse readouts. 

This treadmill is able to apply manually adjustable incline options. Exercising on an incline will help you to burn more calories during every session and also tone and strengthen your legs. 

This streamline F6 treadmill has 3 Levels and  9 Workout Programs with a Rate Speed of  1 to 14kph. The in-built motor has HP 1.75HP.  The running mat size is 400mm x 1240mm.

It is equipped with transport wheels on the frame and a max user weight of up to 110 kg.

Pros: This treadmill has safety keys on Hand Rails and a 6 Speed Emergency Safety Key as well as a built-in soft-drop system. 

Cons: Not  a suitable option for running 


8. Xiaomi Kingsmith R1 Pro

Xiaomi Treadmills

This  Xiaomi Kingsmith R1 Pro foldable Treadmill has running and walking modes so if you are looking for this treadmill, you can do both walkings and running at your home. 

Walking Pad R1 Pro is more space-saving than the traditional treadmill and can be easily stored anywhere in your house. This comes with a double folding design so very simple to fold it. 

This machine has a hidden Phone and tablet Holder so you can keep your phone with you and can talk while working on the treadmill. It has now improved the motor power and with less noise level.

The EVA cushioning on this treadmill is great for your knees.  It comes with an anti-slip running belt that will provide you with a better grip while exercising on the treadmill and also has a safety clip and handles as the handle gives you balance while the safety clip works as an emergency stop button.

This treadmill has an awesome  LED panel on the front of the WalkingPad R1 Pro, so you can monitor your speed, distance, and total workout time.

Pros:  This machine is Easily Movable and space-saving 

Cons: This is quite expensive 


9. Pro Runner Active X70

ProRunner Treadmill

This Pro Runner Active X70 is a  sleek and stylish treadmill. It has great quality and also offers comfort to you.  The 2HP motor operates smoothly even on higher-speed settings. This treadmill is great for walking and light jogging.

This Active X70 has an easy-to-read LCD so you can track key workout data and also has several pre-programmed workouts and also Countless workout sessions. This treadmill is set with  MP3 Input and speakers and has 39 Programs. 

It keeps you motivated and helps you to keep on track. The continuous motor power has 2.0HP and 3.0 Peak HP Speed. The Incline is 1-16kph, 0-12% Set-Up and the Size: 1680mm L X 770mm W X 1360mm H .The running mat is 1330mm x 430mm 

Pros: this treadmill is very smooth and without any noise. Quite expensive. 

Cons: Need more space, Not suitable for apartment 


10. Horizon Fitness T202 Treadmill

Horizon Treadmill

This comes with Silicone Deck Thickness. This Horizon treadmill has Energy Saver Mode, Fan, Tablet Rack, and Water Bottle Holder Includes a free app to control your workout. This treadmill has a different frame and a FeatherLight Folding Running Area.

It has an incline with one-touch Powerful keys and a 2.75 Continuous HorsePower Motor 60” 3-Zone cushioned deck.

You can connect any Bluetooth device or Bluetooth speakers with this treadmill as it has a Bluetooth connection. This also has a rapid-charge USB port which  Quickly shifts the speed. 

The  Roller Size is 46mm/42mm Tapered Speed Range and has a 0.8 – 19 kph Incline Range: 0 – 12%

The  Weight it can carry is 84kg.  It needs assemble and the Assembled Dimensions are: (L x W x H): 190 x 87 x 147cm 

Pros: foldable, has wheels n it for easy storage and for moving 

Cons: Need to assemble 


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